Paying more attention

Infant explorers


Unlike in their future teen years.  Babies in 3 months of age can pay attention for most of 5 or ten seconds.  However, their ability to pay attention at longer periods of time, by the time they reach 2 years of age.

In fact there are four phases of how attention develops.

Phase I: Stimulus-Detection Reflex. This is when baby can sense changes in the environment, thus peaking their interest.

Phase II: Stimulus orienting. This is when their attention becomes fixed on an object that changed their environment.

Phase III: Sustained Attention: This is the phase when baby is truly “paying attention.”  When baby persistently controls and focuses full attention on the stimulus.

Phase IV: Attention Termination.  The baby continues looking at the object, but without trying to process the information about it.

While in its first year of birth, your babies brain develops, and along with attention so does their memory.  Some believe that the memory development grows from implicit memory (memories of past experiences), while others believe its from explicit memory (remembering something, from the past, without personally experiencing it).


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