By the time your baby is 3 month old, the bond between you and them is strong.  They look to you, for guidance to see if something or someone is safe.  This is interaction is called primary intersubjectivity, and is only limited to the face-to-face contact.  However, by the time they are 9 months or older, they start to interact with their environment and caregiver in a more complex way.  This is also a good time to “baby-proof” the house, since this is also a time when babies begin to explore said environment on their own.

Looking at his dad smiling, the child reacts accordingly

Up until your baby reaches 9 months old, their ability to follow your pointing or them gazing strength, is still weak.  So don’t despair, if your baby does not follow your pointed finger, to see what you are trying to show them.  Give them time and be patient.  After all, by the time they are one, such ability begins to strengthen, and as you together move to 2 years, the gazing and following the direction improves remarkably.

While gazing and following your finger is difficult, distinguishing their names from numerous others for infants is much easier.  In fact they understand and in some cases even can respond to their name as early as 4 months.
What’s more, by the time they are 6 months they can understand words for familiar everyday objects.  At 7 months, your child will try to communicate with your through babbling.


As the babies grow older, so does improves their understanding of language spoken around them.  By the time they are 9 months, they can “Wave buy-bye”, or “bottle”.
So by the time they are 12 months of age, infants can understand over a dozen common phrases, and in some cases even follow them.


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