“It fit you last week! How come it’s so much smaller now?”: Keeping Up With Your Baby’s Rapid Growth

By: Therese Brion

The first three months of your baby’s life can be characterized with their astonishing rate of physical growth. In these three months your baby will gain about 6 pounds and grow more than 4 inches in length! Making sure to go to your baby’s 3 monthly checkups is vital in order for you to get a look at growth charts that map out normal development variations and averages. If your baby isn’t up to these specific figures on these charts, don’t worry. Your pediatrician or health care provider will help you understand the growth charts and try to find solutions to any deviations your baby might run into during their normal development. Take a look at this example of a growth chart that might come up at your baby’s early checkups:

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 7.02.29 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 7.02.41 PM

By now you may have noticed how fast babies go through clothes everyday. Whether it be potty accidents, spit ups, or massive food fights! Other than littles messes such as these, babies are continuously physically growing. Their clothes become tighter and shorter and your wondering how you can keep up with their rapid growth. And you’ve only used these items a handful of times and you don’t want to waste it!

Image There are two options for putting these items to good use again: save them for another child (whether it be a new sibling or relative!) or donate ’em! There’s a lot of good organizations for donation! One is called “Loved Twice”. This organization is a non-profit group that collects gently used infant clothes for social workers to give out to hospitals, clinics, and shelters for disadvantaged babies.

Interesting fact: Research shows that babies who are breast-fed gain less weight (compared to formula-fed) during their first year because the milk flow is more controlled from the breast compared to  a bottle! Just another benefit from breast feeding!


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